Viktor Korolev

31 March Saturday - 19:00

Victor Korolev's concert is the sensation of the year!
This program combines the whole career of the singer. The hits of different years will be performed: Bouquet of white roses, For your beautiful smile, Drunk cherry, I will not wait at the shore and other smash hits, that for so many years have been giving pleasure to millions of people on this planet! The positive message of Victor Korolev is enormous, it is impossible to stay in one place; the feet will dance on their own.
Irresistible charm, great temperament, emotionality, impulsiveness and the unusually expressive voice, winning the hearts of all admirers, will get a response in the hearts of listeners! In recent years Victor Korolev has been winner of numerous music awards - the award for the contribution to culture of the 2nd degree of Piter-FM radio, award of Radio Chanson, but the most important award, according to the singer, is the love and recognition of listeners. It is dearer than anything. Victor Korolev's concert is a celebration of songs that are sung by the heart and soul of Victor Korolyov!