Three hours in Paris

14 November Monday

On November 14 the main stage of the country – the State Kremlin Palace - will be hosting a grandiose performance “Three Hours in Paris”, including the exclusive “FRANCE. MUSICALS. LOVE” program. The best hits from such classical musicals as “Notre-Dame de Paris”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Starmania”, “Ten Commandments”, “Mozart. Rock Opera”, extracts from new recent musicals “Mistanget the Queen of Bold Years” will be performed by original singers.
Every evening in different corners of the world – in Japan, China, UK, USA, Korea and Latin America – heroes of the most well-known French musicals Esmeralda and Quasimodo, Romeo and Juliet, Mozart and Salieri, Cosetta and Jean Valjean appear on the stage.
And only in Moscow the most well-known characters and their first performers of these roles will gather together: Daniel Levi - poet, composer, singer and pianist, starring Moses in “Ten Commandments” musical. Luck Mervil, a singer and composer, starring Clopin in “Notre-Dame de Paris”; Gregory Bake, an actor, singer and composer starring Benvolio in “Romeo and Juliet”, Michelangelo Loconte, a singer, composer and guitarist starring Mozart in “Mozart. Rock Opera”; Matt Loran, a singer and composer continuously starring Quasimodo in “Notre-Dame de Paris” musical; Cécilia Cara, a singer starring Juliet in “Romeo and Juliet” musical; Solal, a singer starring Leopold Mozart in “Mozart. Rock Opera” and Ziggi in “Starmania” musical; Carmen Maria Vega, a singer starring Mistanget in “Mistanget the Queen of Bold Years”; Chiara di Bari and Loran Ban starring in “Mozart. Rock Opera” and “Mistanget the Queen of Bold Years”; Yamin Dib, a theatre and cinema actor starring in “Mozart. Rock Opera”, “1789. Bastille Lovers” and “Legends of King Arthur” musicals.
In such incredible circumstances you have a unique chance to see several performances in one go. To this effect, there is no need in hastening from one concert hall to another: the most well-known performers of various musicals will gather on one stage. Popular songs from such classical musicals as “Notre-Dame de Paris”, “Romeo and Juliet” and “Starmania” which brought to the world such wonderful songs as “Businessman Blues”, “Ziggi”, etc., as well as “Ten Commandments” and “Mozart. Rock Opera” and extracts from the most recent premier performances will be performed by original singers.
On November 14 spectators will have 3 unforgettable hours of travel: you will hear songs from the most well-known musicals of France that will be performed by your favorite artists. The original show created by French producers whose performances had become the model. Excellent sound, light and incredible music, of course. Symphonic orchestra, choir, rock group and voices that cannot be forgotten.