The show of Artem Ayvazyan Band

09 February Friday - 19:00

On February 9, Diplomatic hall of the Kremlin Palace will host the show of Artem Ayvazyan Band, the trendsetter of modern jazz scene, whose popularity is growing day after day.

Together with his Band Artem Ayvazyan will perform the program that has specially been created for this evening and will mostly consist of melodies composed by Artem himself and his Band.

In general, music performed by the Band will demonstrate uncommon approach towards creation of music material, which appears in bright mix of different styles, when in the same melody one can hear oriental motives with modern rhythm and jazz harmonies.
Every concert of Artem Ayvazyan Band turns into a cheerful, unique instrumental show, where every person can pick up his favorite melodies that will keep the pleasant finish for a long time after the concert.

Artem Ayvazyan – trumpet
Victor Geravker – sax
Vlad Dubrovin – key
Sergey Alyamkin – guitar
Evgeny Yaryn – bass
Victor Kukormin – drums
Michael Ivanov - sound.