Sergey Zaharov (Small hall)

27 October Friday

The solo concert of national artist of Russia Sergei Zakharov awaits in the Small Hall of the Kremlin Palace.
Sergei Zakharov began his career at the age of five - after watching the movie "Mr. X", Georg Ots performing the main role, became a real idol for Zakharov, and after a couple of decades this aria became the crowning number of Sergei Georgievich along with the romance "Ottsveli Chrysanthemums. "
After graduation from school and service in the army, in 1971 Sergei Georgievich entered the famous school named after. Gnesin on the branch of musical comedy and, as a student, toured with the orchestra Utesova. A little later, fate brought the artist with the head of the music hall Ilya Rakhlin, who had a significant influence on the development of the talent of the beginning singer. And in the spring of 1974, I held the first international competition in Bulgaria "Golden Orpheus", at which Sergei Zakharov was awarded the 1st prize. In the fall of 1974, a competition was held in Dresden (Germany), followed by the International Song Contest in Sopot (Poland), "Bratislava Lira" (Czechoslovakia), the contest in Zelena Gura in 1976 - and everywhere the artist became the best - the first! For a young singer this was then an unprecedented achievement.
During the years of his creative activity, Zakharov prepared many concert programs. Among them are performances in the State Concert Hall "Russia", and with the orchestra of the All-Union Television and Radio under the direction of A. Mikhailov, and in the concert hall of Tchaikovsky, and with the orchestra of Russian folk instruments named after. N.P. Osipova under the supervision of N.N. Kalinin, and with the orchestra of the Variety Theater.
Four years in a row Sergei Zakharov took part as an honorary guest in the programs of the international festival "Slavic Bazaar."
The singer traveled to 41 countries of the world: Great Britain, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Israel, Latin America, Austria, etc. In all countries he performed with the program of Russian romantic music, works by P. Tchaikovsky, S. Rachmaninov, M. Glinka, M. Mussorgsky. There was also a program of urban romance, and always - Russian music in Russian.