One’s Own Track. Vladimir Vysotsky – 80

21 December Thursday

The first TV channel and Vladimir Vysotsky Charity Foundation will present the One’s Own Track award on the main stage of the country, at the State Kremlin Palace.
The phrase "A genius is genius in everything" is an axiom, the truth of which is once again confirmed by the complex, versatile, and truly iconic figure of our history - Vladimir Vysotsky. January 25, 2018 marks the 80th anniversary of his birth.
On the eve of this landmark date, December 21, the State Kremlin Palace will host a concert dedicated to the anniversary of the poet of generations. By tradition, the One’s Own Track award is timed to this day, the name of which accurately reflects what it is handed for - for its fidelity to one’s principles, one’s path, one’s track.
Popular artists will sing Vysotsky’s songs, read his poems and share their memories about him.
In the 20 years of the One's Own Track award existence the concerts dedicated to Vladimir Vysotsky, were attended by Grigory Leps, Elena Vaenga, Lube, Garik Sukachev, DDT, Alexander Gradsky, Mikhail Efremov, Larisa Dolina, Sergei Bezrukov, Ivan Okhlobystin, Aleksandr F. Skliar, Olga Kormukhina, Svetlana Surganova, Garik Kharlamov, Pelagia, Varvara Vizbor, Sergey Garmash, SerGa, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Oleg Gazmanov, Zara, Dmitry Kharatyan and many other artists.
This evening, timed to coincide with the anniversary date, an absolutely unprecedented number of artists is expected!
When arguing about the personality of Vladimir Vysotsky, it is difficult to determine the niche that he occupies in the Russian culture. He is definitely a poet. The lyrics of Vysotsky is something that exists outside of time. Friendship, love, faces, "dark" and "light", good and evil, spirituality and narrow-mindedness... Hundreds of vivid images, memorable scenes and phrases, many of which "went to the people. Vysotsky was a singer, or as the "author-performer" according to the Russian term. His voice that cannot be confused with anyone else's, simple, but taking for the soul the accompaniment on the seven-string guitar, at times deliberately theatrical presentation - everything is saturated with the artist's bright personality. Vysotsky was an actor, and in this field, thanks to his outstanding talent, Vladimir Semenovich achieved heights, and most importantly truly national love. Vysotsky gave us Hamlet, Gleb Zheglov and dozens of other memorable images. He was equally magnificent both on the theatrical stage and in the cinema.
Creative work of Vysotsky is not retro, recalling the "olden days" to the older generation; this is a whole era, the cultural heritage of our country. Vysotsky is the person who can unite people of different ages, different incomes, of different musical tastes and outlooks on life. That is why on December 21, at the concert dedicated to Vysotsky's 80th birthday, musicians and actors who belong to different generations and musical genres will get together. At than evening party, each of the artists will perform Vysotsky's works which influenced their creative career, and maybe in their time, changed their world view. See you on December 21 at the State Kremlin Palace!