28 October Saturday

The ballet in 2 acts, five scenes, with a prologue and an epilogue.
Libretto and staging: N. Kasatkina and V. Vasilyov.
Choreography: V. Vainonen, N. Kasatkina, V. Vasilyov.
Set designer: E. Dvorkina
"Ah, what did the godfather make for us this time?" A magical family performance with the fantastic plot and a bright kaleidoscope of scenes! The libretto is based on the well-known Hoffman's fairy tale about the courage of love, its indestructible force, and the powerlessness of villainy. In every country the Nutcracker by Kasatkina and Vasilyov involves children. The delight of the public is caused by the seven-headed mouse king, unfairly forgotten in other versions of the well-known ballet. The whole performance is shrouded in a romantic secret – as exciting and fresh as a candy in your mouth.