Jazz Dance Orchestra "Covers lovers" (Diplomatic hall)

06 April Thursday

On April 6, 2017 at the Diplomatic hall of the State Kremlin Palace a concert of Jazz Dance Orchestra.
Hits of popular music, hip-hop, rock, Latin American rhythms, classical music, the American jazz and the Russian folklore ― everything organically connects in the imagination of Jazz Dance Orchestra.
Undoubted professionalism, faultless taste and self-irony ― that is what makes Jazz Dance Orchestra a unique collective which is bound to please any audience. Jazz Dance Orchestra are mostly known as jazz interpreters of pop and rock classic, and also the Russian traditional songs.
The history of Jazz Dance Orchestra collective began 12 years ago. The trumpeter, composer and arranger Vadim Zaydin decided to gather his own band playing interesting dance jazz of the Glenn Miller era for a wide audience. Jazz Dance Orchestra is both the name, and the credo of Vadim and his colleagues. Jazz Dance Orchestra unites skilled professionals that can play both jazz and popular music.
Musicians of JDO played in the best Russian big bands of Igor Butman, Georgy Garanyan, Oleg Lundstrem, Anatoly Kroll and also with pop stars: Leonid Agutin, Anjelika Varum, Soso Pavliashvili, Gorky Park and many others.
Jazz Dance Orchestra decided to try and play pop hits in jazz arrangements, and their strange mix became popular at once. At the same time the games with genres began: modern pop and rock hits sounded as if they were composed in the 30s! This crossover jazz demonstrates the talent of musicians of Jazz Dance Orchestra at full capacity. Any sweet hit (like Relax by Mika) can be turned into almost a jazz standard, having been given a taste of eternity. The repertoire of the group includes hits by Michael Jackson, Moby, Black Eyed Peas, ABBA, Deep Purple, Rihanna, Modern Talking, Ace of Base, Pussycat Dolls, Arabesque and so on.