The concert of RICCARDO FOGLI - the Favourite songs of Italy with the symphonic CONCORD ORCHESTRA

26 March Sunday

On March 26, 2017 at 18:00, the stage of the State Kremlin Palace will welcome Riccardo FOGLI with his concert BELOVED SONGS OF ITALY accompanied by the symphonic orchestra. On this day the famous Italian singer will present his new solo program in Moscow accompanied by the symphonic CONCORD ORCHESTRA lead by the conductor Fabio PIROLA (Italy). The special guest Maurizio FABRIZIO also takes part in the program. He is known in Italy as a musician and a composer who composed music to many movies and wrote many hits for all the famous Italian singers including Riccardo FOGLI.
The legendary Italian singer Riccardo FOGLI gained his world popularity when he sung Storie di tutti i giorni (Ordinary Stories) written by the composer Maurizio FABRIZIO. This song became the hit of Riccardo FOGLI. With this song the singer won at the San Remo festival, beating even such a famous Italian duo as Al Bano & Romina Power with their famous song Felicità (Happiness). World fame came to Riccardo FOGLI with this song. His first album Collezione (Collection) was sold in a million copies in the countries of Western Europe and even in Japan, and as soon as it appeared in Russia, it was sold out in several days. Since then Riccardo FOGLI has had numerous admirers in Russia, and the singer constantly participates in such concerts as San Remo in Kremlin and Melodies and rhythms of the foreign music in Russia. The unsurpassed performance manner of Riccardo FOGLI conquers his fans with his male charm. The inexhaustible love to music, beauty and women constantly fills the creative powers of the legendary Italian Riccardo FOGLI. His hits Malinconia, Storie di Tutti i Giorni and Historia De Todos Los Dias are well-known and recognized as masterpieces of the Italian music.
Why the forthcoming concert Riccardo FOGLI. BELOVED SONGS OF ITALY can't be missed? Maybe because March promises to be as hot as the sun of Italy, because the stage of the State Kremlin Palace in March will welcome the solo concert of the legend of the Italian music Riccardo FOGLI. Can it be because the concert is organized with the assistance of Maurizio FABRIZIO, the composer famous in Italy, who wrote songs for Riccardo FOGLI? Or maybe because Riccardo FOGLI will perform accompanied by the Symphonic CONCORD ORCHESTRA under control of the Italian conductor Fabio PIROLA? You will hear it all if you come on March 26 to the State Kremlin Palace to the concert Riccardo FOGLI. BELOVED SONGS OF ITALY with the symphonic orchestra!