Concert Dina Garipova and Sergey Zhilin, "It is not coincidence coincidence" with the participation of the orchestra "Fonograf-simpho-Jazz"

07 October Saturday

Thanks to the First TV channel launching in 2012 a grandiose musical project setting high demand to the vocals level and starting with blind auditions that passed to the live orchestra sound, the spectators first saw Dina Garipova, a modest girl with a magical voice, who performed a song from the legendary Cruel Romance movie accompanied by the grand piano.
Everyone remembered this exciting moment of her audition: all mentors immersed in silence. And here comes the last note ... The pianist sustains it longer and longer, giving Alexander Gradsky additional seconds to make a cruсial decision. Then comes a flash of delight, tears of joy - and for the first season of the Voice TV show millions of viewers applauded the young performer and the most famous sympho-jazz orchestra of Russia.
On October 7, 2017, the State Kremlin Palace - the main stage of the country - will welcome Dina Garipova, the winner of the first season of the Voice television project. She will give a concert together with Sergei Zhilin’s unchallenged orchestra "Phonograph-Sympho-Jazz". Their fates have crossed 5 years ago precisely. How would have their lives turned, if the maestro had not sustained the last note? There are no accidental coincidences! This evening, 6000 spectators, expectantly, will explode with applause the Large Hall of the Kremlin Palace, meeting the non-accidental duet of Dina Garipova and Sergey Zhilin.
The audience will hear everything from jazz and romances to popular music of the 20th and 21st centuries and Tatar songs. Songs will tell them in five languages about love and loneliness, dreams and disappointments, travels and discoveries, despair and hope, human weakness and strength of spirit, about friendship and faithfulness. This concert will also include our most beloved jazz compositions. The fantastic, truly limitless possibilities of the orchestra, the endless magic of live sound and the amazing voice will once again conquer the hearts of the audience - now not only from the TV screen, but from the main concert platform of Russia.