The Great Hall of the State Kremlin Palace is the main stage of Russia, one of the best and most prestigious theatrical and concert venues in the world.
The calling card of the Great Hall is large-scale musical shows, performances of A-list celebrities, ballet performances, film premieres and circus performances. Also worth noting are concert programs dedicated to various memorable, historical and anniversary dates, various days commemorating people and professions that have made significant contributions to the spiritual authority and greatness of Russia. During the past five decades, the creative performances on the main stage of the country wrote many brilliant and unforgettable pages in the cultural history of Russian art. And the technical reconstruction of the Palace made the stage an attractive place for the most famous and popular world stars. The hall can accommodate almost 6,000 spectators and is equipped with a sound system corresponding to the world's best state-of-the-art standards, and also the most advanced lighting equipment. That is why the Great Hall of the State Kremlin Palace hosts performances of the world's leading musicians, who generally have extremely high demands when it comes to the acoustic qualities.